Licking Miyuki

A blonde spanish speaking asian in Europe… Where else would this unique and gorgeous girl stay but at Mike’s apartment? As JJ tries to make her feel at home and explain the stay for sex idea, he realizes she doesn’t speak much English. He calls his friend Tony and hands the phone to Miyuki Son. Miyuki returns the phone and as JJ is asking Tony if she understood, James has his throat halfway down her throat. With James’ assistance, we are provided a pleasant view of her lovely body. Miyuki’s firm ass and large, natural tits are given a thorough inspection by James’ hands. Miyuki gives us a playful show as she rubs her clit and pussy lips. James watches until he can no longer resist to plunge his tongue into her pussy. Miyuki goes on to make sure the rent is paid proper as she fucks James from every position. She does such a great job James rewards her with a large, mouth-filling facial, most of which Miyuki swallows. The rent is paid.

Licking Miyuki starring Miyuki Son

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